Indigo renderer

Indigo renderer is like driving a space ship… its not at all user friendly.. U have a material editor and a renderer .. I had a hard time to  attached a created material to the selected mesh.. just few weird test results… check em out… but will post a maxwell comparison image later with time .

some test renders renderer


and after 30 min we have this 🙂



thanks 🙂


Maxwell 2.5 rendering


This is my first encounter with unbiased rendering and I must say this is heavy and long . All my lighting life I have tried to reduced the render time and get the best output.. but this  I must say … is way long .. not that I did not know about the render time , but experience it first hand is difficult. To me lighting is all about emotions how one feels about their surroundings . for me these unbiased renders can be a starting point showing how the lighting should look if I am trying to do it realistic .. nways this is the scene simple and with one basic wood texture…  lets see  how much time it takes

28 min and we have this