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3ds Max 2012. Iray Render test.

Iray for max is exceptionally fast and not much of tweaking required from the regular renderers like Mr


Lit this scene using a simple free HDRi, and the materials for this is basic A&D Materials… it took about 2.3  min’s to render this.. For a still shot Iray is  awesome :).

Also tried rendering a super duper heavy scene… and it rendered just fine 🙂

did not use HDRI here but used basic lights…available with max…

scene has 2507040  polygons … 😛 .. Yeah! a lot of polygons rendering on pc at realtime…

 model  by Kartik a zbrush obj, export size 200 mb

render time 5.5 mins

also a interior scene rendered

~ happy Iraying… “_”











Bokeh Effect is blah blah blah… lol…  read this info on wiki pedia and get back to see how to use bokeh MR shader in Maya 2009 or less …Wikipedia Bokeh Effect Link    

After the  tecnical stuff  lets see how to get this shader working in maya… I am going to use a very simple scene… as simple as it can get… its got a plane..Oo… few smooth cubes and a MR Physical Sun Sky

[no info about this here…lol]……

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