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Some thing from the past

Hello Started on a new project, will share the details later but the concept art and other stuff is done and I have started with the prop modeling, as it goes on I will keep posting here showing you the updates.

Concept Art Mostly Line Art showing the place and position of objects.

Dish Rack ­čśÇ




Bokeh Effect is blah blah blah… lol… ┬áread this info on wiki pedia and get back to see how to use bokeh MR shader in Maya 2009 or less …Wikipedia Bokeh Effect Link┬á┬á ┬á

After the ┬átecnical stuff ┬álets see how to get this shader working in maya… I am going to use a very simple scene… as simple as it can get… its got a plane..Oo… few smooth cubes and a MR Physical Sun Sky

[no info about this here…lol]……

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