Ok, when ever u want a hdri to light up a scene u are never satisfied … so am i… or its just me 😛 anyways for ppl like me… who want to try their scenes with new hdri’s for free. can check out these few links…
they are old links transfered from forum to forum… by now the site owners must be keeping the links active coz they get hits 😛

http://sw-in.narod.ru/hdrout.html — working[04-01-2011]
http://sw-in.narod.ru/hdrin.html — working[04-01-2011]
http://sw-in.narod.ru/sky.html — working[04-01-2011]
http://sw-in.narod.ru/studio.html — working[04-01-2011]
http://sw-in.narod.ru/nature.html — working[04-01-2011]
http://sw-in.narod.ru/hi.html — working[04-01-2011]

ok not a download hdri link but how to link … no harm in looking.. 🙂 http://www.gregdowning.com/HDRI/stitched/

http://www.yboo.net/hdri/ — working[04-01-2011]

more will be updated… not much links 🙂 still a share 🙂