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Glass Jar Render

😛 Rendered using max 2012 design and mentalray and finally comped in Fusion with Genarts Sapphire plugins….

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Shader Map Pro


came accross a another crazy app like crazy bump called ShaderMap Pro. You can generate Displacement, Normal, Amb Occ, Spec map, and DUDV maps for games…[Uv Distortion/mix of normal and a refraction map…I think~~~ :P] . Anyways you can test your generated maps on a custom model  and also batch generate maps through software interface or ” CMD ” :O … All Maps parameters  can be tweaked ….. In your ShaderMap Preview you can add multiple lights  and tweak them to get a realtime feedback on your texture.



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3ds Max 2012. Iray Render test.

Iray for max is exceptionally fast and not much of tweaking required from the regular renderers like Mr


Lit this scene using a simple free HDRi, and the materials for this is basic A&D Materials… it took about 2.3  min’s to render this.. For a still shot Iray is  awesome :).

Also tried rendering a super duper heavy scene… and it rendered just fine 🙂

did not use HDRI here but used basic lights…available with max…

scene has 2507040  polygons … 😛 .. Yeah! a lot of polygons rendering on pc at realtime…

 model  by Kartik a zbrush obj, export size 200 mb

render time 5.5 mins

also a interior scene rendered

~ happy Iraying… “_”









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MiP shader are hidden production shader to make them visible in maya we need to edit mentalrayCustomNodeClass.mel file, u can find the file in “C:\Program Files\Autodesk\Maya2010\scripts\others”. Open the mel file any text editor program like notpad++, editplus or even Microsoft trusty Notepad. Once the file is open scroll down to the end and look for code line “$enableMIPShaders == 0 ) ||” and change the value 0 to 1. thats it … now restart ur maya i’m using Maya 2010 this works in 2009 also :). If you get a error after opening maya saying icon file missing just ignore it.


I am going to use it on a very simple scene

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