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[edit : facial upgrades :P]

Hi! my names Ankit Sharma, born in August of 1983 in New Delhi (India). I first started using computers at the age of 10 during my middle school, nothing related to 3d at that time. Just learn’t some simple programs for DOS like word star, Initially I became familiar with software’s like Photoshop 4, scala, those were the programs i learn’t on my own so that i could help my dad in his studio business. Then moving on from there i started experimenting with flash then 3d max. Then finally i shifted to Maya 5.0 . My first job was with a printing press company “Print Craft Services” this was during my collage time I was doing part time from there I moved to “Parma Padam Studios” were i worked for a year and a half. Now I am working for a broadcast content creator ” Digital juice Animations ” here I am in to lighting and texturing. I use 3ds max 9 .

[edit : company changes :)]

Now I am working for Tecnicolor India and here since  2 years and 10 months…[16-11]. Here I am a lighting artist and also do final composting…

My software knowledge includes Maya, Max, Realflow, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Premier, Adobe Aftereffects, Combustion, fusion, Sound Forge and rendering plug ins like Mental ray

My interests are Anime, Manga, Jap tuned and muscle Cars, Stamps, Rock and Trance Music, Photography.