My iPad 2 is all I require…

The awesomeness of iPad with a 3G connection is all that I need as a artist to my daily work, let it be sketching, staying uptodate with my rss feeds, movies photoedit, you name it and there is a way to do it on ipad2 except using a 3d application…heheh now that would be super crazy… Why would I want to do that.. Any ways I did not know about this WordPress blog app so I could never find time to post on the blog, now I can concentrate on that too even at work… Hahaha *evil*..
List of apps I use

Let’s ccc

For painting
Adobe sketch book pro, brushes, adobe idea( vector clean ups),
For photo editing
Photoshop touch… Hahaha this is crazy it works like the on a pc but ofcourse the interface is different but most of the major tools are here, iPhoto from apple. Inc
photo uploadin to picassa I use imageshack and webalbums hd for picassa
discoverapps to find out more apps

What else that could be important that you could use….

Good apps like bookcreator and PDF creator can be good tools to creat tutorials and ebooks… and Skype to communicate, flipbook to stay close to few sites, stumble to discover more related sites. Splashtop to seamlessly control my desktop ( with audio ) phew I am getting tired of typing… Heheh…and azul any format video player and with passcode… * super evil*



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