Holomatix Rendition

A real time renderer that supports all the mental ray major materials … check the mentalray compatibility list  sounds very very tempting .. had previously tried furry ball was not very impressed with it again its personal .. so I will post some test renders …


for certain updates i found that clicking the render current scene in Rendition icon helps. This scene above has regular Lambert material with checker map applied to it also AND thick glass, frosted glass and chrome preset applied to the sphere’s there is a white surface shader applied to the faces above and the Rendition was also updating mesh uvw updates . This scene also has GI enabled and switching on final gather started consuming time… will post some further test with only Final gather..

SSS also works fine and this tool will help in fine tuning the sss shaders…. 🙂 I always wanted this

DOF also works with MR sun and sky but takes time….

So far this is a cool software for my liighting…  more post later now… my maya has crashed! dont know why


Ankit Sharma



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