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MiP shader are hidden production shader to make them visible in maya we need to edit mentalrayCustomNodeClass.mel file, u can find the file in “C:\Program Files\Autodesk\Maya2010\scripts\others”. Open the mel file any text editor program like notpad++, editplus or even Microsoft trusty Notepad. Once the file is open scroll down to the end and look for code line “$enableMIPShaders == 0 ) ||” and change the value 0 to 1. thats it … now restart ur maya i’m using Maya 2010 this works in 2009 also :). If you get a error after opening maya saying icon file missing just ignore it.


I am going to use it on a very simple scene

this scene has aĀ emitterĀ emittingĀ teapots … lol… yeah I know u must have seen this before…[RM :P] . A little more information about the scene I have cached the particles and this render took about 40 seconds to render [:( yeah my pc is amazingly slow šŸ˜¦ ]

Ok now if I render this scene with MentalRay Production MotionBlur Settings I might get a noisy motionblur [sample] and a huge render time… just like this

this render took about 4 min and 36 seconds :O I know that a lot for a simple render…hehe…

Now I use the MIP MotionBlur

Step 1 : Ā got to your render globals and under quality tab > Motionblur, Ā set Shutter Open and Shutter Close to 0.

Step 2 : Open your Hyper Shade under Output Shaders in Mentalray Nodes you will see mip_motionblur Ā darg that on work area and middle click drag and drop it on your camera and choose other from the menu in my case its perspShape .[make sure your bottom and top tabs are visible and u are in Camera Tab ]. In the connection editor the Mip_MotionBlur loads in the left side of the editor and the camera on the right. Now the node that we are looking for under Mip_motionblur is hidden so to show them go to LeftDisplay menu and choose show hidden and you can see message node under Mip_motionblur.. click on it to select it and in the right side under camera inputs look for mentalRayControls once you find that expand it and click miOutputShader to make a connection …

Step 3 : select your camera go to its attributes under mentalray open Legacy Output Shaders and enable Depth and Motion vectors

Step 4 : Ā Re Render the frame and after it renders a clean image of your shot it will add post blur its render quick also




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