Rendering through multiple camera.>.Maya.>.CMD

Hey.. so u got more than one camera and need to render all your layers from all your cameras at different frame range… Simple…

render –r mr –s 20 – e 60 – cam ZoomInCam NewScene01.mb

render –r mr –s 80 – e 95 – cam PanCam NewScene01.mb

note :

-s and -e  are flag for start frame and end frame respectively.

-cam is the flag for the camera name in the scene here ZoomInCam and PanCam are the names of your camera in your scene [NewScene01.mb ]… which is written at the end…  🙂 hope this helps…


Ankit Sharma


2 thoughts on “Rendering through multiple camera.>.Maya.>.CMD

    1. depends what u need to render…ok… example of the file is and its location is in c:\testrender\ . frame range is 1 to 100

      so for render it completely on mentalray [mr] is
      go to run type cmd
      render -s 1 -e 100 -r mr -rd “c:\testrender” “c:\testrender\”
      -s is start frame
      -e end frame
      -r is render using : mr for mentalray, file for rendering in file mode that what ever renderer is assigned to the render layer it will render using it… both mr and soft can be in one file 🙂 for software dont use this entire flag

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